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Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education

The Anderson University School of Education offers an Early Childhood Education License/Minor degree program. As Elementary Education Majors, teacher candidates have the option of declaring Early Childhood as a concentration area of study. Licensing in Early Childhood allows candidates to extend their teaching license to include work with children from birth through age 8. Anderson University students in complementary majors (including Social Work, Psychology, Family Science, Ministry, etc) can complete the program as a minor supporting their work with children and families.

The Early Childhood Program is a unique blend of coursework, practicum experiences, service learning opportunities, and professional development that are designed to develop students into Servant Leaders. Servant Leadership is a philosophy by which leadership skills are fostered and developed through experiences in serving the populations they will one day lead. By collaborating with diverse communities, childcare centers, preschools, and nonprofits, students build a foundation for supporting families, children, and communities through service, professional skills, and advocacy.

The Early Childhood Education License/Minor consists of 5 required courses to be taken in sequence. In addition, Elementary Education Majors are required to complete a culminating EDUC 4010 Student Teaching in Early Childhood experience.
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EDUC 2430 Foundations of Early Childhood3Fall Semester ONLY
EDUC 2440 Issues in Early Childhood3Spring Semester ONLY
EDUC 3410 Teaching/Learning/Assessment in Early Childhood: Infant/Toddler3Fall Semester ONLY
EDUC 3420 Teaching/Learning/Assessment in Early Childhood: Preschool3Spring Semester ONLY
EDUC 3800 Internship in Early Childhood3Summer Term ONLY