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Education Majors

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Education Majors

All elementary Education majors are required to add a minor or concentration. All other Education majors are encouraged to add a minor in ENL or SPED.

Major Leads to Licensure
in grades:
Elementary Education K - 6 Advising [PDF]
Elementary Education
Language Arts Teaching 5 - 12 Advising [PDF]
Department of English
Math Education 5 - 12 Advising [PDF]
Department of Mathematics
Music Education P - 12 Advising [PDF]
School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Physical Education Teaching P - 12 Advising [PDF]
Department of Kinesiology
Social Studies Teaching 5 - 12 Advising [PDF]
Department of History and Political Science
Spanish Teaching 5 - 12 Advising [PDF]
Department of Modern Foreign Languages
TeachScience - Complimentary Major 5 - 12 Advising [PDF]

The School of Education offers a highly regarded student teaching program, including an innovative year-long program with a 100% placement rate for participating students.