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Katy Sample

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Katy Sample

Dr. Katy Sample is an associate professor of education at Anderson University. As the director of the reading education program, she teaches courses in reading development, assessment, instruction, and intervention.

Katy earned both her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in reading education from the University of Virginia. She holds a K-12 reading specialist license, as well as a K-12 license in learning disabilities.

Katy began her career at the secondary level teaching in an alternative school for students with disabilities. After earning her master's degree in reading, she became a reading specialist. Katy taught reading at the elementary and middle school levels for five years as she completed her doctorate.

Katy teaches courses in reading development, assessment, instruction, and intervention at Anderson University. In 2009-2010, Katy served on the state advisory board that assisted with the development of the Indiana Reading Framework and is currently a member of the State Literacy Team. When her schedule permits, she also works with area schools as a staff developer.

Her research and professional interests include early literacy, reading disabilities, response to instruction/intervention, developmental spelling/phonics instruction, and staff development.

Katy lives in Anderson with her husband, Craig, and their three children.

Katy Sample has been at Anderson University since 2005.

Associate Professor of Education
B.A., MAry Washington College
M.Ed., Ph.D., University of Virginia