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Current Students

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Current Students

Thanks for choosing Anderson University's School of Adult Learning for finishing your degree. We hope you are enjoying your journey. We are here to serve you, so please do not hesitate to contact us with questions, for encouragement, or to voice concerns.

As a department, we are committed to the following:

Christ-Centered Academic Community
Intentionally building professional and personal relationships interdepartmentally and with students to celebrate and model our faith in Christ.

Transformational Teaching
Hiring Christian professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in their field to passionately encourage academic discovery, faith exploration, and personal as well as social change.

Convenience Without Compromise
Designing and providing flexible, student-sensitive, delivery-learning systems that promote academic excellence through cohort-based degree programs and accelerated courses for adult students.

Academic Accountability
Assessing, adjusting, adapting, and, when necessary, changing procedures, policies, and curriculum in order to maintain stated values, fulfill our purpose, accomplish our mission, and meet accreditation guidelines.

Sacrificial Service
Informing staff about the unique needs of adult learners and how to serve students, faculty, and fellow staff as described in Philippians 2 (imitating Christ's humility).

Let us know how we're doing.