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Anderson University Graphics

Before downloading Anderson University graphics, you must first complete the Terms of Use Agreement . When you complete this form, you will be given the username and password required to access the graphics download directory.

It is also expected that you are familiar with and will adhere to Anderson University Identity Standards.

Once you have the username and password, you may access the download directory using the links below.


The Anderson University logo was introduced in 2011 as the distinctive indentifying mark for use on official university communications. The logo consists of the university's name, displayed using the typeface Mondial, with an over-arching rule and an abstract graphic symbolizing light. Students and visitors to the university will associate this graphic with the Eternal Flame landmark located in the front of Decker Hall. Echoing Eternal Flame, the AU logo symbolizes the university's academic aspirations and the light of the Gospel and learning.

Download the AU Logo


Anderson University athletic symbols — the AU Raven, Raven wordmark, and AU monogram — are a family of marks with a unique design relationship that allows for continuity and flexibility of identification and promotion within AU athletics. The symbols may be used in combination or separately depending on the application and desired effect.

Download Athletic Marks



The Anderson University seal is reserved for use on diplomas, certificates, and other official university documents. The AU seal is not available for download. Contact the Office of Publications at (765) 641-4236 if you wish to use the seal in a document or publication.