Anderson, Indiana

Alumni: Phillip Crawshaw

Fri, 2013-09-06 16:18 -- univcomm

Alumni: Phillip Crawshaw

The most impactful aspect of classes at AU were the professors and the class size. Being a dancer who started later in life (age 20), having individual attention and motivation from the professors were essential in learning the basics.

Having such supportive professors are what helped me get to my current profession — not only my dance professors but also my other professors. Every single professor supported my dance and are excited to hear that I am still a professional dancer.

I continually work hard to become a better dancer every day. Anderson University was a launch pad to where I am today. I am enormously thankful for the experiences I had.

Phillip Crawshaw
BA 2010, Anderson University
Family Science/Youth Leadership-Development major
Dance Performance minor
Apprentice with Dance Kaleidoscope