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Alumni Stories

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Alumni Stories

Explore real-world opportunities in music, theatre, and dance through the stories of our alumni.


Music Alumni

"My love for music was developed and channeled into a career that I would have never been able to achieve on my own."

Douglas Beam
2004 AU grad
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"Being at AU, I had the opportunity to cultivate my own relationship with God. I really learned to stand on my own two feet, to be a grown-up in Christ."

Lawrence Brownlee
1996 AU grad


Theatre Alumni

"The relationships, leadership, and guidance from my professors gave me everything I needed to make my dream of having a passionate, fulfilling career a reality."

Lisa Ermel
2009 AU grad
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"I was trained well, with one-on-one time in many of the aspects of theatre. This made me a well-rounded professional and helped me land the job of my dreams before I graduated."

Josh Moore
2010 AU grad
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"My acting classes and directing experience prepared me to be a teacher and director, as well as a contributing member of society."

Kristin Katsu
2006 AU grad
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Dance Alumni

"It was the opportunity to be a trailblazer and find my voice as a leader that was the greatest training I received."

Kristen Noonan
2009 AU grad
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"Anderson University was a launch pad to where I am today. I am enormously thankful for the experiences I had."

Phillip Crawshaw
2010 AU grad
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"I was very blessed to learn from some exquisitely talented professors and mentors."

Kendra Northgard
2012 AU grad
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