Anderson, Indiana

History & Mission Statement

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Leadership Academy of Madison County

Connecting servant leaders who build better communities.

History of LAMC

The Leadership Academy of Madison County was founded in 1981. Servant leaders, those community leaders who are preparing our community for the next century, are an integral part of the Academy. LAMC believes that servant leaders may be developed through educational programming, mentoring of program participants by Academy leaders, and engaging the program participants in projects and opportunities for community service. Through the classes of LAMC both adult and youth, Madison County is a community preparing for the future.

Our Goals
  1. To recognize and enroll emerging leaders who represent the diversity of our community.
  2. To aid in developing a stronger image of the Academy in the Madison County area.
  3. To assist area residents through education, to gain a healthy self-perception about our community.
  4. To increase the personal involvement of graduates in the life of Madison County.