Anderson, Indiana


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“The Honors Program here is a chance for students to challenge themselves. It is not an environment that is meant to break the best student but rather facilitate the growth of those who desire to become leaders, both academically and relationally.”
—Todd Baden, accounting
 “I came into the Honors Program at Anderson anticipating a challenging program with which to supplement my academic experience. What I did not expect was the quality of relationships I’ve formed with both the students and faculty involved in the program.”
—Lauren Householder, history and political science
“The Honors Program has given me the opportunity to truly participate and engage in my classes, to hear others’ views, and reflect on my core beliefs, all in an academic and supportive atmosphere.”
—Courtney Bettner, history and political science
 “The greatest aspect of the Honors Program was being able to take classes with some of the most intelligent and motivated students on campus. I learned more from the people around me than I ever could from simply reading a textbook.”
—Zach Gray, computer science
“Teaching in the Honors Program has made it possible for me to interact with highly motivated students from disciplines outside of my own. It has also allowed me to teach and discuss the history of scientific ideas in greater depth than I could in the typical, content-oriented science course. Gifted students from outside of the natural sciences approach the concept of scientific progress in ways that sometimes surprise me and often compel me to examine more closely my own notions. This is liberal arts education at its best.”
—Dr. Daniel Ippolito, Professor of Biology