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Anderson, Indiana
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AU Honors Program

Honors Program Curricular Sequence (Junior/Senior)

Scholarship, Leadership and Servanthood

Semester V – Justice and the Good Society: Honors scholars will enroll in a 3-credit social science course that will investigate societal structures and concepts of justice arising from such structures. This course will fulfill the requirements for Section W5 of the AU Liberal Arts Program.

Semester VI – Christ & Culture: This 3-credit hour course is organized as a seminar in historical theology that considers the various relationships between Christians and their culture. This course will fulfill the W1 Component of the AU Liberal Arts Program.

Semesters VII – The Honors Senior Seminar: Honors scholars will enroll in a 1-credit senior seminar fall semester of their senior year. The honor senior seminar will serve as a capstone course for the honors program. During the first semester the student will work on an honors project, to be presented in the second semester. This project is an intensive original research project under the direction of an academic mentor. The honors project may also serve as a senior project required by the student’s major.

Thus, upon graduation, members of each honors cohort will have completed 23 credits within the curriculum of the Honors Program.