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The curriculum for the Honors Program is designed to cultivate scholarly learning, leadership, and service within the university community and the broader world. The Honors Program has three main components for its curriculum study: Scholars Core Course Seminars Scholar students can take many of their core courses in the Honors Program curriculum. These generally replace the introductory courses in many of the subject areas.

Scholars Colloquia

These are discussion classes where students and faculty consider and debate controversial issues. The focus is on reading important books and/or papers on the course topics. Colloquia topics change from year to year but are usually interdisciplinary in nature. These sessions give the student a good look into the graduate school experience.

Senior Scholars Honors Projects

The Scholars Thesis Project is an intensive original research project under the direction of an academic mentor. During the first semester of the senior year, the student will work on an honors project with presentation of the project in the second semester.