Anderson, Indiana

Admission and Requirements

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Admission to Program

The Honors Program is a cohort-based program. Freshman enrollment in the program is competitive and by invitation. The applicant’s file is reviewed by the Faculty Selection Committee and includes the applicant’s transcript, SAT or ACT scores, a two-page essay on a selected topic, and an interview with the committee. Successful applicants have achieved combined SAT math and critical reading scores of 1250 (or equivalent ACT scores) and GPAs of 3.7 on a 4.0 scale.


The Anderson University Honors Program provides an intellectually enriched learning community for highly motivated students. While the Honors Program is not a formal major or minor, students enrolled in the program must complete a series of Scholars courses.

These include:
  • Scholars core course seminars
  • Junior colloquium: designed to explore a topic of current interest
  • Scholars Thesis: research and independent study
Upon graduation, honors scholars will have completed 23 credits within the curriculum of the Honors Program. Seventeen of these credits are applicable to the university’s Liberal Arts Program curriculum.