Anderson, Indiana

The Schroeder Family

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Give to Anderson University

An experience to last a lifetime

Kyle BA ’10 and Laura (Burgher) Schroeder BA ’09 give to Anderson University as alumni because of what Anderson University gave to them as students.

“We give financially because we truly believe AU shaped who we are,” explains Kyle. “Anderson University will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

Kyle came to AU from Greenwood, Ind., with an interest in business. In fact, as a teenager, he started his own online business, a retail commerce site for college sports hats. When it came to college, he was looking for a school with a smaller campus, a Christian community, and a strong business program. Anderson University fit that profile. At AU, Kyle majored in business management with a concentration in entrepreneurship and minored in marketing. He spent four years involved in SIFE, even serving as president and CEO of the organization.

Kyle was also active outside the Falls School of Business, participating in intramural sports and regional business plan competitions. He also served as a resident assistant for Smith Hall for two years, and it was his work with the Department of Student Life that introduced him to his future wife, Laura.

Laura was a language arts education major. Her campus activities involved the University of Leadership Council (serving as director for a year), the debate team, campus ministry work projects, and academic honor societies. And she was a resident assistant for Martin Hall.

Laura visited AU as a prospective student because of her connection with the Church of God. She chose to attend AU because she liked the smaller campus and because the people she met at AU made her feel valued.

The Schroeders are now out in the work force, Kyle as a channel partner manager for ExactTarget and Laura as a learning designer for Bottom-Line Performance. Kyle is also a member of the AU Alumni Council, and they are both active in their church, Life Point, in Indianapolis.

“For us,” says Kyle, “the on-campus activities were really a part of what made our experience at AU so great.” Through the It Matters campaign, the couple has given back to the academic departments they spent so much time in — the Falls School of Business and the Department of English. They have also given to the student center fund, York Performance Hall seat fund, and the general fund.

“The longer we are away from the university, the more we realize how much AU shaped who we are today,” says Kyle. “Knowing how much influence AU has had on our lives, we want future students to have those great experiences as well.” 

—Rachel Rush and Deborah Lilly, excerpt from 2012 Report of Gifts