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Scholarship Calculator

Please provide your current high school GPA (4.0/scale) and either ACT or SAT test score in the spaces to the right to get an estimate of your possible scholarships. Scholarship amounts are determined by using both your GPA and test scores. You will need to have both scores in order to get an accurate scholarship reading.

You can also get a more complete look at additional aid you may be eligible for by using our Net Price Calculator.

Scholarships are for first-time freshman (non-transfers) students who've been admitted to AU. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, at (800) 428-6414 or

Transferring to AU? Click here to see scholarships for transfer students (based on college GPA).

Please add "0" if you have not taken the ACT exam.

Please add "0" if you have not taken the SAT exam.