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DBA: What to Expect

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DBA: What to Expect

Kerianne Roper

Because it's a Doctor of Business Administration, we covered all the business disciplines and not just our concentration area. I was doing some in-depth study in some areas I really had never been exposed to before. I left the program with a breadth of knowledge in all the areas. It made me more versatile. more


DBA: What can you expect?

  • To receive a high quality doctoral-level education that you will be proud of and an education that opens doors for your future.
  • To be able to do high-caliber research without necessarily becoming a full-time researcher.
  • To advance your teaching effectiveness.
  • To have highly qualified and engaging instructors.
  • To be challenged! Success in the Anderson University DBA program will require hard work and a change in your current lifestyle.
  • To be part of a distinctively Christian community that embraces a diversity of denominational backgrounds.
  • To take responsibility for your learning and to be a partner in the learning of others.
  • To make good friends and have fun through the process.