Anderson, Indiana

Cindy Peck

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Cindy Peck

Associate Professor of Accounting
(765) 641-4366


Why do you choose to teach/work at Anderson University?
AU chose me first because Dr. Linamen asked me to teach a class. Before that, I had not thought about education or teaching as a career. I got hooked on the classroom, and since I was here in Anderson, AU became my eventual full-time teaching job.

What is something that you have been part of at AU that brings you joy?
I like the process of students "getting it," whatever "it" is for them. Some are highly academic and thrive on what they learn from textbooks, research, and the classroom. Some thrive more on internships, extra-curricular activities, even music, sports, or dance. College is a great time to discover one's interests and passions.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love to travel, but I also like the out-of-doors, including gardening and sitting on our back deck in the evening. I have done various sections of the Appalachian Trail and hiked long distances in Scotland and in Ireland (Tri-S).  I have three grandsons to play with as well.

What is one thing that makes you unique?
I have learned that you can make a home anywhere — a cement block house in Africa, a trailer in a university town, or even in Anderson, Indiana. I've lived many places, and each has its special good things to enjoy. God wants us to grow where we are planted.

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