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DBA Admission Requirements

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DBA Admission Requirements

Admission into the DBA program will be selective in nature. It is essential that admitted students be capable of doing doctoral-level work. A DBA Admissions Committee, consisting of faculty of the Falls School of Business, along with the DBA director, will evaluate each applicant. Apply now! [PDF]

Program admission requirements are:

  • A completed master's degree from an institution that is regionally accredited.
  • A minimum of 30 hours of graduate coursework in a business-related field.
  • A combination of the applicant's graduate grade point average (GPA) and Graduate Management Admittance Test (GMAT) score will be used to evaluate acceptance for admission. Preference would be for the graduate GPA to be at a 3.5 level or above (on a 4.0 scale) and the GMAT score to be 600 or above. The GMAT must have been taken within the last five years.
  • Three years of combined teaching and/or other professional work experience.
  • Three letters of recommendation [PDF] with one submitted from the current supervisor. (If currently teaching, one of these letters must be from the department chairperson or the school dean.)
  • A personal interview with the DBA Program director and/or other DBA faculty members. This interview may be in person or by telephone.
  • Computer capability and access as delineated by the DBA director.

Approximately eight to 12 students will be admitted annually to the program. Final decisions concerning a student's acceptance into the program rests with the DBA Admissions Committee.

Application Form [PDF]
Letter of Recommendation Form [PDF]
Transcript Request Form [PDF]

Prospective doctoral students may download the DBA application [PDF], complete it, and submit it by mail. The application deadline is February 1 with an April 1st start in the program. One new cohort is admitted every February to this selective program. Submit DBA application materials to:

Dr. Doyle Lucas
Falls School of Business
Anderson University
1303 East Fifth Street
Anderson, IN 46012