AU Releases a New DVD

Tue, 2012-07-31 14:49 -- univcomm

Anderson University is releasing a new DVD this fall aimed for prospective students. With around 16,000 DVD’s being released in the fall, students now have double the choices on the DVD academic menu.

“This project has been designed as a ‘living’ program or a ‘living’ Anderson University DVD,” said Don Boggs, general manager for Covenant Productions®. “The idea is to continue to keep it fresh and updated.”

With a second edition, the first DVD being released August of 2004, more departments have been added while still keeping faith as a center importance at AU. Interviews with parents, students and faculty are still sprinkled throughout the newest additions with an emphasis of faith in the dorms, classrooms and campus-wide.

“The DVD explores all of AU's different activities that are offered. From talking about dorm life to ways students can increase their walk with God, the DVD helps express what clubs or groups students can join to help take those steps,” said junior elementary education major and football manager Eric Stayer.

Psychology, physics/chemistry, modern foreign language, the School of Education and kinesiology are among the newest departments on the new DVD. Tri-S has also been added to the DVD menu. On the first edition of the DVD released last year, only six of AU’s 60 majors were represented on the DVD.

Michael Collette, vice president for enrollment management, stated that the admissions department will be adding the DVD and updating it over the years. When asked about last year’s DVD, Collette commented, “We’re hoping to add five departments or majors every year, updating the old ones as we add.”

Boggs said that the last six departments are planning to be added next year and if all goes as planned, two years from now updates on the departments will start over. “This is a mammoth project that needs to be delivered well which is not hard to do with a school like Anderson.” Boggs also mentioned that other schools admissions’ departments have commented on AU’s DVD project, which Boggs said is “flattering to AU and the project members.”

The DVD provides students the same amount of information as before with just these added departments. The menu continues to house such options as campus life, spiritual life, a FAQs section and bonus features including the AU trailer. All of the previous DVD content and the new information can be seen online under the respected departmental pages under academics.

“The DVD gives prospective students a greater control of what to use not as one program but as a series of choices,” commented Boggs on the difference between the older VHS informational tapes and DVD’s.

The second edition to last year’s DVD comes at a time when AU is in its’ ninth year for record enrollment and being named one of the top rated MBA schools by U.S. News and World Report.

Anderson University in Anderson, Ind., is a private, Christian, liberal arts institution of approximately 2,800 undergraduate students. Established in 1917 by the Church of God (Anderson, Ind.), the university offers more than 60 undergraduate degrees and graduate programs of study in business, education, nursing and theology.