Orangehaus Records signs new group

Fri, 2012-07-27 11:36 -- univcomm

Orangehaus Records has announced that the label will sign a new group, Unusual Mix, on Tuesday, March 22, by hosting a special CD release concert at 8 p.m. in Byrum Hall on the Anderson University campus. The concert is free and open to the public. The event will showcase the latest recording of the Unusual Mix and celebrate the artist agreement between the label and the band. The artist agreement provides Unusual Mix with assistance in recording, mixing, producing, and song selection for a new project. In addition, the group will be provided assistance with developing and implementing a marketing plan and creation of a Web site.

“I have worked with many bands over the years, and I feel Unusual Mix has one of those sounds that is just contagious,” said Mark Pay, president of Orangehaus Records. “Their songs posses great musicality, while the lyrics communicate a clear and concise message.”

Unusual Mix, winner to the Anderson “Battle of the Bands” competition in 2004, has driven into the contemporary worship scene with fervor. Band members Mike Kinney (Noblesville), Dave Elwert (Noblesville), Mark DeLaVergne (Anderson), and Eric Spurlin (Greensburg) find spiritual guidance from God as a staple in their musical development as a band. The band, based out of Anderson, Ind., has spent the past two years creating an innovative contemporary worship experience with each new song.

Their latest self-titled project puts on a new attractiveness that many know as the jam band scene. Losing the Edge lets the listener lose them self in a mix of piano persuasion rock and roll. Space continues this anthem, bringing in a high energy that complements the softer and more simplistic Bigger Than Me. These songs, combined with a dynamic stage presence and sound that emulates the likes of OAR, Coldplay, and U2, show that their passion for music and God is far from effortless and even further from complacent. These guys are not just passing through.

Orangehaus Records provides an environment where students are developed and empowered to gain experience in the recording industry. Anderson University students influence every aspect of Orangehaus Records, such as developing, promoting, marketing and booking student musicians. Although Orangehaus Records provides students the experience of working with an actual record label, the process is viewed as an academic experience. Orangehaus Records is one of only a few professional record labels affiliated with a university in the United States.

Funding for Orangehaus Records was made possible through a $25,000 campus grant established by Dr. Glenn Falls, professor emeritus of Business and Economics, which annually awards a departmental initiative designed to make a specific program more distinctive. The Anderson University music business major includes approximately 55 students and is the largest major in the Department of Music.

Anderson University is a private, Christian, liberal arts institution of approximately 2,700 undergraduate and graduate students. Established in 1917 by the Church of God, the university offers more than 60 undergraduate majors and graduate programs of study in business, education, nursing and theology