Diversity thrives in AU’s MBA program

Wed, 2012-07-25 11:18 -- univcomm

As the MBA (Masters of Business Administration) program in the Falls School of Business at Anderson University continues to grow, graduate students bring diverse backgrounds to the classroom. Of the 223 students currently working towards their MBA at the Falls School of Business, 53% have undergraduate degrees in non-business fields. Dr. Jeff Buck, MBA director, attributes this diversity to the value placed on managerial and leadership skills across organizations.

“The AU MBA program is designed to develop leaders in organizations who have expertise in a variety of different areas,” said Buck. “The Anderson University MBA is an accredited program that is beneficial to anyone who wants to become a leader in an organization, regardless of the type of organization,” he continues.

Students currently range from company vice presidents to middle- and entry-level managers. And the various backgrounds only add to the MBA experience at the Falls School of Business. “[The students] all come to the classroom with different perspectives and sharing these perspectives enlightens everyone,” said Buck.

Cultural diversity is another attribute associated with the Falls School of Business MBA learning experience. Whether it is the ethnic background of the students or the international requirement for completion of the program, MBA students have a variety of avenues from which to learn.

“We are proactive in getting our MBA students exposed to other cultures,” said Buck. “In the past we have taken students to international businesses throughout Western Europe. In the future we hope to expand our opportunities for international travel to Eastern Europe, as well as Costa Rica."

The MBA program at the Falls School of Business can be completed in 22 months. Classes meet one night a week, allowing graduate students to effectively balance their personal and work lives.

Anderson University is a private, four-year, Christian liberal arts institution of approximately 2,600 undergraduate and graduate students. Established in 1917 by the Church of God, the university offers more than 60 undergraduate majors and graduate programs in business, nursing, education, and theology. The Falls School of Business at Anderson University is one of the institution’s largest academic units offering eight undergraduate majors as well as MBA and DBA programs.