Byrum presents “Negotiations (and Chairs)”

Wed, 2012-07-25 10:48 -- univcomm

Anderson University’s Theatre program will present Negotiations (and Chairs), December 4-6, at 7:30 pm in Byrum Hall on the campus of Anderson University. This production revolves around the central theme of the negotiations we make in our lives and the chairs we often make them in. The theatrical “shorts” (written by AU faculty, alumni and students) are both challenging and exciting for the actors and audience alike.

“The premise of this production is that life itself is about relationships—all of which involve negotiations. Our intent is to depict the many conflicts and resolutions we all experience when relating to one another throughout our lives,” stated Ronn Johnstone, director of the Program for Theatre Studies at Anderson University.

Maria M. Lambert, a director for the production said, “The writers for this show include AU faculty, alumni and students, and the quality is amazingly consistent and proficient throughout. The diversity of the styles combine to create scripts and scenes that are very real to life.”

For more information about Negotiations (and Chairs), contact the Byrum Box office at 765-641-4351.

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