Tri-S travels during holidays

Wed, 2012-07-25 09:15 -- univcomm
Greece, Arizona, London. Tri-S offers a number of opportunities for students. During the International Term this Dec. 27- Jan. 9, students and leaders will be around the world at work camps, ministry projects or cultural experiences. Director of International Education Willi Kant says, “There are popular locations offered this year. Plus students sharing information with friends about past trips have made this term fill up fast.” With around 130 students in 8 different groups going on Tri-S, students will be traveling to many destinations like Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. All the trips this term filled to capacity in a short amount of time. Greece filled within 48 hours of the Tri-S packet being sent to students.

“This trip to Greece is my 53rd time to lead persons on one of these trips, most of which have been work camp experiences,” says Dr. Fred Shively, professor of Religious Studies.

Summer options were the first trips offered through Tri-S with International terms existing later in the program. Only 2 years ago the spring break destinations first started offering trips out of the country to places such as Canada, London and Honduras.

Kant believes many seniors tend to take the international term trips due to graduation and job-hunting in May, which takes place during the summer trips. Also many students’ work schedules do not line up with the summer options with Spring Break and the International term being open.

“The highlight for me is always to watch the impact upon the students. I think that the secret to a good experience is balance-work, worship, learning, and fun,” says Shively.

The Greece trip will include working at the Church of God in Athens in leading a worship service, painting, a three island day cruise and learning about Greek culture. “Greece is a trip offered every other year through Tri-S and is always a popular one with students,” says Kant.

Many of the trips are the same locations every term but involve different work camps or are located in different areas of the country. A work camp opened every year for students is at the Navajo Reservation in Arizona. The trip not only includes the work camp but going to the Grand Canyon as well.

“I have never been to the Grand Canyon so that is something that I am looking forward to on top of going on my first Tri-S trip,” says sophomore Lance Malburg.

Throughout the whole year, Tri-S gives students opportunities to see the world for an affordable amount of money. Tri-S caters to any student by offering either work camps, nursing programs, music or ministry trips.

--Writer Stefanie Kinstle is a reporter for the Andersonian campus newspaper and a student assistant in the Office of Media and Electronic Communications.