AU names center for Kardatzke family

Wed, 2012-07-25 08:54 -- univcomm
Anderson University will name the newly constructed $17.4 million Wellness Center the Kardatzke Wellness Center. The name honors a family who has had significant involvement with the university for more than six decades. An initial gift by Dr. E. Stanley Kardatzke, a 1961 alumnus and prominent Indianapolis physician, signaled the initial launch of the project in 1994. Dr. Kardatzke’s gift was intended to honor the heritage of the Kardatzke family and their longtime relationship with the university.

“In bringing the Kardatzke name to this magnificent project, we honor a legacy of some four generations of persons who have participated in the life and history of this institution,” said Dr. James L. Edwards, president of Anderson University. “This family includes teachers, ministers, physicians, farmers, business leaders, athletes, artists, performers, and social workers who have all had ties with the university. This historic name belongs on our campus and we are delighted to associate this family with our Wellness Center facility.”

“I believe that the Wellness Center will bring together the disciplines of the inner life, nutrition, exercise and social relationships,” said Dr. Kardatzke. “The Wellness Center at Anderson University is intended to address the real meaning of wellness and wholeness and I believe it is an exciting way to integrate these ideas with faith and truth.”

Persons from the Kardatzke family who have served prominently at the university include the late Dr. Elmer Kardatzke, a Kansas minister who served as a field representative for AU during the Depression and later as a member of the board of trustees; the late Dr. Carl Kardatzke a beloved faculty member in the Anderson University School of Education from 1933 to 1959; Dr. Nyle Kardatzke a popular member within the Student Life staff and one of the founders of AU’s Tri-S program; Dr. Jon Kardatzke, a member of the AU board of trustees from 1974 to 1989; Dr. Howard Kardatzke, a faculty member in the AU School of Education from 1999-2001; and more than 100 family members who are alumni of Anderson University.

The $17.4 million 132,000 square-foot Kardatzke Wellness Center project located at the northeast end of the campus is designed to provide programming for health, recreation and wellness in all forms—spiritual, emotional, physical, and social. The facility is the largest building project in the university's 85-year history. The Kardatzke Wellness Center will be dedicated during Anderson University’s Homecoming weekend, Saturday, October 12, at 10 a.m., and will feature 1992 Olympic bronze medallist David Johnson as the guest speaker. The public is invited to attend the free event.

In Oct. 1999, Anderson University made room for the center by relocating the campus tennis courts to the northeast side of the O.C. Lewis Gymnasium parking lot. The architectural firms of K.R. Montgomery and Associates in Anderson and RDG Bussard Dikis of Des Moines, IA, designed the project. The state-of-the-art facility strategically brings together the departments of Kinesiology, Athletic Training and Athletics. In addition, the center will be focused on holistic approaches to health---specifically in the areas of recreation, evaluation, education and human performance. The university's Wellness Center includes approximately $600,000 of instructional athletic equipment addressing various areas of fitness and development.

The lower level of the state-of-the-art center features an open middle concourse allowing main access to the facility from the north and the south. On the west end of the lower level is a multipurpose field house offering four regulation basketball courts that provide and support the full range of educational instruction, a 200 meter regulation indoor running track, and access to Bennett Natatorium. Also located on the lower level of the center are several meeting facilities and a variety of specialized areas for human performance, sports medicine therapy and rehabilitation.

Anderson University is a private, four-year, Christian liberal arts institution of approximately 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students. Established in 1917 by the Church of God, the university offers more than 60 undergraduate majors and graduate programs of study in business, education and theology. # # #