Class of 1952 reunites

Wed, 2012-07-25 08:33 -- univcomm

President James L. Edwards addressed a room full of alums from the class of 1952 who were holding their 50-year class reunion on campus during the Church of God camp meeting. He stated that Tom Brokaw refers to them as the ‘greatest generation.’ Recalling how his own parents brought the whole family every year to camp meeting, Edwards said his own mother told him he would attend school at Anderson University some day. Edwards talked of the upcoming 85-year celebration of AU and the remarkable depth and knowledge that the teachers from the university’s earliest years instilled in their students.

“You can’t build something on nothing, and if you are going to build something that is supposed to be an educating institution, then we are building on something that has some academic substance to it,” said Edwards.

Dr. Philip Kinley, class president of 1952, welcomed his fellow classmates from 50 years past. “Fifty years is a long time because now we are drawing social security and are on Medicare.”

Kinley related a humorous tale of a visit to Dr. Candace Stone’s office, which happened to be his advisor at the time. She only stood 4 ‘ 11” tall, but was a powerful force that was well respected. Many others from his class also shared their experiences and stories as well.

Jim “Tex” Litton shared how he came to AU from Texas on a 36 hour bus ride, while another gentleman said he came here from Alabama riding on a Cushman scooter, taking him 36 hours to arrive. Most of the men in the crowd talked of how they met their wives here, many reporting being married now for almost 50 years.

“These are remarkable men and women,” said Kim Wolfe, coordinator of alumni programs and events. “When you listen to them you can appreciate where AU comes from.”

Anderson University is a private, Christian, liberal arts institution of approximately 2,200 undergraduate and graduate students. Established in 1917 by the Church of God, the university offers more than 60 undergraduate majors and graduate programs of study in business, education and theology.

— Writer Kim Ousley is a student intern in the office of AU Publications and Media and Electronic Communications