Schulle was born to attend AU

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   Date: 9/24/2001

   Title: Schulle was born to attend AU

One student new to Anderson University this fall takes special pride as he walks across campus. Anderson Schulle, a 23-year-old international student from Brazil, is realizing his dream of attending the school for which he was named. As a youngster in Brazil, Schulle didn't think much about his name. Anderson is a fairly common name in that country, he said. What is uncommon is how he got it.

Missionaries Maurice and Dondeena Caldwell of Anderson started Boa Terra Bible School in Brazil 30 years ago. One of the first students in the seminary-like school was Lorivald Schulle. While Lorivald was enrolled at Boa Terra, a choral group from what was then Anderson College visited the Bible school through the Tri-S program, which sends AU students around the world to study, serve and share.

Lorivald was obviously impacted by that Tri-S group and the Caldwells' stories about their hometown and the college from which Dondeena graduated. After he completed his ministerial training at Boa Terra, Lorivald and his wife, Suzana, had a son.

"They had such a high regard for Anderson College, Tri-S and the city of Anderson that they named their first baby Anderson," said Maurice Caldwell, who was a trustee at AU for 15 years. "... I told President (James) Edwards that I doubt in the history of Anderson University that anyone has been named after the school."

Edwards said he has heard of many students around the world who have been so impacted by AU programs that they dream of coming to the school. He had never heard of a person being named after the school, however.

"Isn't it a moving thing to think that a family would be so touched," he said.

It wasn't until Anderson was nearly a teen that he found out what had inspired his name. His parents told him after yet another performance by a musical group from Anderson University. This time it was in Germany, where the Schulles had moved when Anderson was a young boy.

When Anderson moved back to Brazil around the age of 16, the name started to hold special significance for him. He knew he wanted to go into the ministry, but was still trying to map out his future.

"That is when I started to dream about coming here," Anderson said.

A couple of years later, he met Luciana, the girl who would become his wife. Luciana, a talented singer and pianist, told him that she wanted to go to a small school in the United States called Anderson University because of its exceptional music program.

"She was kind of surprised when she found out this was my dream," Anderson said.

The couple married in December 1999.

In September of that year, Anderson came to Anderson to see the school for the first time. "It was a very strange feeling," he said. "It felt like I was home."

When Anderson and Luciana graduated from Boa Terra in December, their mutual dream of attending AU seemed unattainable due to finances.

They traveled as missionaries to churches throughout Brazil, selling compact discs of Luciana's music to raise money. Then, at the end of June, their financial aid came through and the dream became a reality. They arrived on campus Aug. 18.

"We couldn't believe it," Anderson said. "We were so happy."

Luciana is a music major. Anderson is taking undergraduate courses and plans to enter the school of theology to gain a master of divinity degree.

They are trying to adjust to life in the United States. Everything is so big, and the pace of life is so fast, Anderson said. People have been very friendly and helpful, though, he said.

The Caldwells have made the transition easier, and have let plenty of people know about the new student with the familiar name.

"When I walk with Maurice Caldwell, he will tell everyone that story," Anderson said. That's OK with him. Anderson takes pride in his name and his school.

---RON BROWNING is a staff reporter for the Anderson Herald-Bulletin.