AU's Center for Character Development unveils new identity

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Date:  10/16/2000

Title:  AU’s Center for Character Development unveils new identity

The newly established Center for Character Development at Anderson University recently unveiled a new graphic logo and visual identity that will permanently serve as the organization’s official mark. The new logo will begin to appear on a variety of CCD publications, on the new CCD web site and on materials for seminars and other events scheduled within the next few months.

“The Center for Character Development is committed to building broad-based community coalitions needed to provide young Hoosiers with clear, consistent messages on developing good character,” said Don Peslis, director. “We feel the new logo for the CCD communicates the growth that can occur on an individual and organizational level when honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, caring and courage are used to define the everyday lives of educators, civic leaders, students and families.”

Brainstorm Design, a professional web and print production firm based in Indianapolis, created the new logo and graphic identity during the summer months.

“The new graphic for the CCD will help the organization maintain a consistent identity with the public at large,” said Bart Caylor, principal at Brainstorm Design. “We are very proud to have contributed to the CCD in such a meaningful way and feel that the care taken to select a mark will serve to effectively communicate the visual framework for the organization in the years ahead.”

This past May, Indiana Governor Frank O’Bannon announced the state was joining with Anderson University to establish the Center for Character Development to promote character education in Indiana’s schools. The CCD will serve as a clearinghouse for parents, teachers, community leaders—anyone who wants tips on making good character part of the curriculum in every classroom. In addition, The Center for Character Development will coordinate with parents, teachers, businesses, faith-based institutions and others to help individual communities implement character programs that work for them.

In its second year the center will work to create “character coalitions” that would support local character education efforts through mentorships and sponsorships. The center will also facilitate character education workshops and develop award programs that recognize outstanding efforts by students and educators.

For more information about the Center for Character Development click on the official web site for the CCD at Contacts can also be directed to Don Peslis, director, at 765-641-3861, or to Mary Baker, administrative assistant, at 765-641-3871.