AU Town and Gown presents inaugural award

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  Date:  6/7/2000

  Title:  AU Town and Gown presents inaugural award

For more than 28 years, Deane Cunningham has been a visible member of the Anderson University team. The university has become a huge part of her life, she said. "I've been working at this university longer than I've been married to my husband," Cunningham, 74, said with a laugh. Members of the Town and Gown group recently gathered at AU for the final meeting of the year and honored Cunningham for her service to the group and to the community.

According to Karen Roller, community development director at AU, Cunningham "attempted to retire" a couple of times, only to be brought back to a different office.

"She tried to get away from us a few times," Roller said. "We just dragged her back into it."

According to Roller, Town and Gown serves as an important social group for the community, and it has raised money for student aid.

Cunningham received the Wanda Savage award, in honor of the longtime member who died in November 1998. Wanda's husband, Russell, wanted to find a way to remember his wife and established the award for the first time this year.

In her 28 years at Anderson University, Cunningham worked in the business office, the public relations office, office of the senior vice president, and the development office.

As pictures were taken of her and flowers from her children were delivered, Cunningham almost seemed bewildered by all the attention.

"I've made a lot of friends here at AU,'' she said. "It's going to be hard to have to say goodbye."

----JON REITER is a staff reporter for the Anderson Herald-Bulletin.