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Anderson, Indiana
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School of Education

About the School of Education

Learn more about the School of Education at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana.

Teaching is a dynamic, complex, and challenging profession. Teachers must be prepared to meet the everyday demands of the classroom and the learning needs of an ever-growing and diverse population of students.

The Anderson University School of Education seeks to produce teachers of excellence who are guided by the essential belief that every child deserves an exceptional learning environment. These environments are characterized by integrity, a sense of community, experiential learning, international and intercultural experiences, and preparing students to be responsible citizens in a global community.

Anderson University’s School of Education offers an exceptional program in teacher preparation, including a full-immersion, yearlong student teaching experience. We are fully committed to preparing professional educators who integrate their Christian faith with education and are effective in teaching and serving in a global society. We invite you to join us in this endeavor as we prepare educators for tomorrow’s world.