Anderson, Indiana

Mission Statement

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Chapel Mission Statement

Anderson University chapel/convocation seeks to embody the mission of the whole of the university by providing opportunities for the campus community to join together in the worship of God and to discover how the word of God informs the various facets of individual and corporate life.

  • We come in the spirit of worship: This is a place of worship. We come to acknowledge our need for God and to express our joy for God’s presence among us.
  • We come in the spirit of learning: This is a classroom. At the heart of our Christian commitment is a thirst for knowledge and a desire to learn beyond the present boundaries of our understanding. We openly welcome those who come among us to preach, lecture, or discuss important issues with us.
  • We come in the spirit of reverence and respect: This is a sanctuary for worship and learning. We reverence God, we reverence Holy Scripture, and we respect those who lead and teach us and those who sit among us as friends and co-learners.