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The Christian Center
Kacie McGuire, Student Coordinator
Encounter Christ as you serve at a local homeless shelter.

Audrey Witta, Student Coordinator
Enrich your life and enlarge your world by becoming friends with and learning from persons who live with various disabilities.

Generation to Generation
Julia Kittle, Student Coordinator
Visit residents of Anderson nursing homes, share you love and friendship and learn from a wealth of life experiences.

Grace in Action
Sarah Michaels, Student Coordinator
Help host an every other Saturday club for kids whose parent(s) are incarcerated.

Park Place Kids
Brittany Schroeder, Student Coordinator
Spend an hour a week in physical recreation with kids who attend Park Place Community Center’s after school program.

Pendleton Juvenile Corrections
Hannah Jenkins and Becca Porter, Student Coordinators
Share an hour a week with young men at Pendleton Juvenile Corrections, building relationships of mutual challenge and encouragement.

Prayer Ministry
Leah Gilbert, Student Coordinator
Experience the reality and power of prayer with other students through workshops and prayer groups. The Prayer Ministry also oversees the Prayer Room, located in the Morrison House basement, which is open to all.

Student Peace Initiative [SPI]
Chance Lewandowski and Kara Hadley, Student Coordinators
SPI exists to sound a call for justice and compassion in a world of injustice and suffering. “We don’t know peace because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” - Mother Teresa

Study Buddies
Mallory Johnson, Student Coordinator
Be a friend and academic tutor to children at local shelters and afterschool programs.

CJ Lukas, Student Coordinator
VisionRevision brings to campus artists, workshops, concerts, art shows, and a week of chapels that encourage the imagination and the arts as lens through which to see life and faith from new perspectives.

Work Projects
Jalise Haney, Student Coordinator
Spend part of a Saturday meeting tangible needs through projects like building a wheelchair ramp, cleaning an inner-city mission, or participating in a White River clean-up.