Anderson, Indiana

Strategic Imperatives and Goals

Sat, 2012-04-28 22:23 -- univcomm

Strategic Imperatives and Goals

As outlined in Revitalization: A Statement of Vision for the Future, Anderson’s success in the immediate future will be measured by our ability to:

Establish a reputation worthy of the exceptional qualities of this distinct church-related university of Christian faculty and staff.

  • Identity: Exhibit a reputation for integrity with vision, mission and values
  • Clarity: Communicate clearly internally and externally
  • Alliances: Strengthen strategic relationships

Build enrollment appropriate to our values, strengths and regional opportunities.

  • Recruitment: Attract and retain students prepared to succeed
  • Student Engagement: Engage students in learning, service, and spiritual growth
  • Academic Success: Graduate students and nurture ongoing relationships

Develop resources to support the values of excellence and the full reach of the mission.

  • Financial Viability: Build financial strength
  • Human Resources: Attract, develop, and reward high quality faculty & staff
  • Physical Environment: Acquire and maintain needed facilities and equipment


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