Anderson, Indiana

So I Said Yes

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October 2006
Robert A. Nicholson, So I Said Yes

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As president emeritus of Anderson University and longtime community leader, he titled the book according to his customary reply whenever he was asked to take on new responsibilities at his alma mater.

Two interesting features set the book apart from traditional autobiographies and memoirs. First, "we took advantage of technology and put together an audio disk of music and song bites from the past," explains Nicholson. The CD, tucked into each copy of the book, contains performances by the 1957 Anderson College Choir, the Park Place Sanctuary Choir, and the Heritage Sing at the 2005 convention of the Church of God, all under the direction of Nicholson. Also recorded is a meditation that Nicholson delivered at the 1986 Candles and Carols Christmas program.

"The second unusual feature of the book is an attempt to incorporate voices of a different type," says Nicholson. "I invited colleagues and friends to do some reflecting of their own and add their thoughts on some of the key times and events that I cover in the book. Unlike family members who might work straight through the pages, other readers may prefer to skip and skim, looking for places where my memories intersect with theirs," says Nicholson, who claims he is the chief beneficiary of the writing project.

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