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The Wisdom of the Saints

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June, 2003
Dr. Barry L. Callen, eds., The Wisdom of the Saints

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There are books that simply must be published because they are important in and of themselves. They tell a story that is essential to the community life of a people because the story is formative -- it tells us how this community of faith, for better or worse, came to the point of pilgrimage where it now finds itself. This is such a book: a book that contains story after story, insight after insight, proverb after proverb, each of which helps us to see more clearly than we did before. At the heart of who we are as a movement is the essential conviction of the authority of personal experience, individually and as a people of God; our truth is revealed not through creed and institution but through testimony.

In these pages you will find a collection of wisdom sayings, paragraphs, poems, photographs, humor; and hope by thirty-two exceptional disciples of generations to see the light of God's truth and spread it to all the world. Testimonies have been a vital way of passing on the wisdom. There is much light to be found in the lives of special human models who have left us their words and wisdom. They are "sages," "elders," "saints," simple believers who offer continuing leadership by virtue of their spiritual wisdom, not because of their position and power. They enable the church of today to be a community of valuable memory and rich insight. In these pages you will meet these special people and sample their divinely-inspired wisdom on many issues that perplex millions in our day.

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