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Ahead of His Times: A Life of George P. Tasker

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April, 2001
Dr. Douglas E. Welch, Ahead of His Times: A Life of George P. Tasker.

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"George P. Tasker was one of several courageous and talented North Americans who served alongside an equally talented group of Indian converts to Christianity in the early days of the Church of God mission in India. Professor Welch writes to inform us about a man whose life and conflicts contributed to the making of the Church of God. As Welch tells it, Tasker’s story is in some measure our story. When we learn that story more completely, we may improve not only our self-understanding, but also our vision of what it is that we are called to do."
---Dr. Merle D. Strege, AU professor of Historical Theology and Historian of the Church of God
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ISBN: 0-9646682-1-1
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