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Staying on Course: Reardon Biography

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May, 2004
Barry L. Callen, Staying On Course: A Biography of Robert H. Reardon

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This major telling of the dramatic story of the life and ministry of Dr. Robert H. Reardon does much more than recall one outstanding man. Marching across these pages of vivid biography are the intersecting stories of Barney Warren, Eugene A. Reardon, Geraldine Hurst (Reardon) Russell Olt, John A. Morrision, Robert A. Nicholson, William (Bill) and Gloria Gaither, Barry L. Callen, Carl Erskine, Charles M. Schulz, Anderson University, Park Place Church of God, the City of Anderson, Indiana, the Church of God movement in North America, and so much more!

Anderson University Press is proud to publish this biography. It is both a major looking to the past and a crucial exercise in realizing God’s guiding grace. What has gone before helps us look more wisely to a future only beginning to emerge.

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ISBN: 0-9646682-4-6
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