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Aspects of My Pilgrimage

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August, 2002
James Earl Massey, Aspects of My Pilgrimage

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When James Earl Massey's career path turned from music to the ministry, the world lost a great performer but gained a magnificent preacher of the Gospel. Here, in his own words, is the story of his remarkable life as a pastor, scholar, teacher, evangelist, denomination statesman, and respected leader in the world Christian movement. While many people seek greatness but only attain mediocrity, James Earl Massey has been lifted to greatness while seeking simply to be faithful to his calling. Beyond his many accomplishments, at the core of Dr. Massey's being there is an essential decency, humility, and spirituality that is compelling. Never one to give himself to minor absolutes, he has modeled, with courage and compassion, the burdensome joy of a herald whose life reflects the message he proclaims. In the words of the great Howard Thurman, his life is "a great rejoicing!"

Dr. Timothy George
Dean of Beeson Divinity School of Samford University,
Execuive Editor of Christianity Today

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