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Sociology Class Immersed in Chicago Community During Annual Trip

Wed, 2013-03-27 14:04 -- alumni

Sociology Class Immersed in Chicago Community During Annual Trip

Every semester Anderson University students in the Social Problems class take a weekend trip to Chicago to partner with the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture. Through this trip, students have an opportunity to supplement their education in societal problems. They see a different view of the Windy City, returning with a better understanding of the social issues taught in the classroom.

Lolly Bargerstock-Oyler, AU assistant professor of social work, leads the trip every year. "Rather than staying inside the classroom and talking about issues of racial division or economic upheaval and poverty, students go out into the city and speak to people who have the first voice on that topic," said Bargerstock-Oyler.Throughout the course of the weekend, the material the students have learned in the classroom changes into a genuine and legitimate grasp on these hardships and life issues.

The goal of the trip, in Bargerstock-Oyler's words, is to "come from a perspective that we want to learn and understand, and understanding is essential to moving forward."  This trip gives AU students opportunities to expand their academic education and grow. Some students even return to stay an entire semester with the Chicago Center. The current Social Problems class just returned from Chicago with a new outlook on urban social issue.