AU vs. Taylor Mini- Marathon Challenge: May 5

Fri, 2012-04-27 01:42 -- batch_migrate

Anderson vs. Taylor Mini-Marathon challenge!

In the spirit of fun and friendly competition, Anderson University and Taylor University competed to see who has the fastest alumni (and faculty, staff and students).

In the first ever "AU vs. Taylor: Catch Us If You Can" challenge, Taylor took the prize. AU had 70 participants with a net average time of 2:19:16. Taylor had 73 participants with a net average time of 2:00:08.

Taylor will receive the inaugural traveling trophy. Start training for next year's challenge!

See results for AU participants (Excel document)

All finish times will be age graded (see Runner's World website) and combined to find the average finish time. Additionally, 10 seconds will be subtracted from the average finish time for each alumni, student or faculty/staff that participates for each school to yield the final results!