Ralynn Kelley

Fri, 2012-04-27 01:32 -- admissions

Ralynn Kelley, Admissions Counselor

Since I was little, I’ve loved school and all that it entails (yes, even the homework)! That’s one of the reasons why I chose to apply for the admissions counselor position. I wanted to be in an environment where I felt completely comfortable. Being raised in Anderson, AU’s campus has always been a part of my life in some form or fashion. In 2nd grade, I saw my first play: The Velveteen Rabbit in Reardon Auditorium. In middle school and high school, I performed numerous times on Reardon’s stage and attended my mother’s graduation in Kardatzke Wellness Center. AU has helped shape who I am, and I wanted to work for a place that I could call home. I’m so thankful that God blessed me with the job in 2011 and that I have the ability to work with amazing people and their families.

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago my college journey came to an end. College is a time to explore and grow, and I’m super excited to help you find your calling and walk with you during the beginning of this journey. As you explore and encounter the greatness of God and how He works on this campus for the first time; I’m glad to walk right alongside you. I look forward to meeting you and your family and building lasting relationships here on campus. I’m blessed to continue growing as a professional and a child of God on AU’s campus.

Educational Background

I majored in telecommunications (promotions focus) with a marketing minor at Ball State University and graduated in 2008. I played flute in the symphonic band and worked as a sales rep for the University’s radio station. In the spring semester of my senior year, I received my Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) certification from the Radio Advertising Bureau.

Personal Bio

I would like to consider myself the coolest nerd you'll ever meet. Whenever I need to clear my head, you'll find me listening to music. Literally, all genres ranging from classical and jazz to indie and old school R&B. I play computer games (notice I said computer not console) for hours at a time, read a great book when I get the chance, have movie marathon weekends with my best friends and travel when time permits. When I’m not working, you will find me spending time with family, friends and my Shih Tzu named Paxton. He thinks he’s human (you’ll hear more about him, I’m sure). I love life even though I don’t understand it most of the time. I find that figuring life out and discovering who you are as an individual is what’s beautiful about it: you fall down (a lot), but with God’s grace, you learn to pick yourself back up and continue moving forward.

Favorite Things about AU

Its community. The people here are by far the nicest and most caring people I know. I also enjoy eating lunch in the Valley, having a frappuccino at Mocha Joe’s and watching a play or concert in Reardon Auditorium. After I became a part of the AU family, I began to explore the campus to discover its uniqueness. I found that there’s high student involvement in regards to leadership. Students often create special interest clubs or campus ministries that become a part of student life. Mocha Joe’s Coffee House is probably one of the most popular social gathering spots on campus and it’s completely operated by students. There’s a worship service held on Tuesday nights called 10:07. It was created by students and it’s a popular event of the week. There are so many other aspects of student life to explore at AU, so check out the rest of the website and get to know us a little better!

The College Search

Finding a college that best fits you can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. I remember going through the process and having to navigate through the plethora of information received from colleges. Remember apply early and visit often. A college campus goes through phases or moods just like we do. The environment changes with each season. If you’re interested in a particular major, visit our campus on a Department Discovery Day. If you want to travel and share your talents while helping others, check out Tri-S. Don’t rule out a college based on price. Financial aid letters are sent in March and can help you make an informed decision based on the bottom line. Lastly, enjoy the process and explore all your options. This process is about finding the one college that best fits you!

Ralynn Kelley, Admissions Counselor
Office: (765) 641-4083

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