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Transferring - Next Steps

I made a point to get involved at AU -Mackenzie Scholte

Q: What are the next steps to transfer to AU?

  1. Apply! Click here to apply online. Complete the online application, submit a recommendation (academic and/or personal) and current college transcripts.
  2. Re-activate! If you have previously applied to AU, but chose not to come you can complete the application for Re-activation. If you originally applied more than two years ago you will need to complete the application for admissions.
  3. Take classes now that will satisfy Anderson University requirements. The university catalog has information regarding both the liberal arts curriculum and every academic major (e.g. advising sheets). With the Anderson University Undergraduate Catalog you can refer to it to locate courses that are similar to those offered at your current school.
  4. Call Joe Davis, Director of Admissions for more information or to answer questions, 800-428-6414.

Q: What transfers?

If a student has a “C-" or better in a class, that is above remedial level work from an accredited institution, it will transfer. Anderson University requires students to have 124 credit hours to graduate. Credits include elective credit, liberal arts credit and major credit.

Once your transcripts have been received, the Office of the University Registrar will complete an official transcript evaluation outlining which classes (& credits) will transfer.

Click here to view what classes will transfer to AU from various schools.
Q: Financial Aid and Scholarship Information?

  1. Send Anderson University a copy of your FAFSA information [AU Code: 001785]. Once your FAFSA is received, Anderson University Student Financial Services will compile a financial aid package and begin distributing packages mid-March to early April.
  2. Scholarships for transfer students are based on cumulative collegiate GPA: