Anderson, Indiana

Sean Thompson

Fri, 2013-02-01 10:31 -- univcomm

Alumni: Sean Thompson

Some of the best times of my life happened on the AU campus. The preparation I received for further schooling and life in general was second to none.

My professors, especially, had a huge impact on me. As I get further removed from AU, my appreciation for the professors, as well as my confidence in the quality of education I received continue to grow. The professors have so much to offer in every class regarding the subject being taught as well as the overall development of each student. I doubt I will ever be in a place again where I am taught the specifics of the immune system or the fundamentals of quantum mechanics while at the same time beginning class with a word of prayer or being able to share with my professor my own goals and aspirations.

Anderson University surpassed my expectations and equipped me to follow my dreams and reach my goals throughout the rest of my life.

Sean Thompson
BA 2005, Anderson University
Second year resident at the Indiana University School of Medicine