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PACT Minor

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The Peace and Conflict Transformation (PACT) Minor

Available to all students as a complement to any major. The PACT minor is not limited to one department, but is designed as an interdisciplinary engagement with the broad array of issues involved in peace and conflict transformation.

PACT Minor (18 hours)

  • PACT 2100, 2200, 2300, 2400
  • 1 hour cross-cultural, service-learning or internship experience
  • 9 hours from any of the following courses: ARTH 3410; BIBL 3260; CMIN 3240; COMM 3110; CRIM 3010; ECON 2010; HIST 3190; INED 2410; PHIL 3210; POSC 3300, 3310; PSYC 2100; RLGN 3120, 3320; SOCI 2010, 2020, 3400

PACT Courses

PACT 2100 - Introduction to Peace and Conflict Transformation (2 hrs.)
Introduction to the interdisciplinary work of peace and conflict transformation. Includes examination from several perspectives of conflict at several levels (e.g., interpersonal, racial, global, etc.) as well as inquiry into the relationships between them. Considers various models by which peace and reconciliation are pursued, and encourages critical self-understanding through action and reflection.

PACT 2200 - Peacemakers Past and Present (2 hrs.)
Survey of prominent figures from several fields who have contributed significantly to understanding peace and conflict transformation. Emphasizes the figures’ writings (whether fiction, nonfiction, poetry, sermons, speeches, letters, etc.) and encourages critical self-expression through writing and speech.

PACT 2300 - Peace, Conflict, and Religion (2 hrs.)
Study of the role played by religion in situations of conflict and the pursuit of peace. Includes consideration of specific religious traditions, texts, figures, movements, and events, and encourages critical self-reflection through observation and inquiry.

PACT 2400 - Principles and Practices of Conflict Transformation (2 hrs.)
Engagement with a variety of principles and practices developed and employed in selected endeavors (e.g., counseling, mediation, negotiation, racial reconciliation, diplomacy, etc.). Encourages self-appropriation through research, presentation, and critique. PREREQUISITE: PACT 2100.