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Sarah Neal

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Sarah Neal

Sarah Neal teaches Community Health Nursing at Anderson University in the School of Nursing, where she teaches concepts related to population health and global health issues. She collaborates with local health and social service organizations to provide clinical experiences for students in which they care for aggregates facing disparities in health. She coordinates Service Learning activities to meet critical health care needs of the community, including mass vaccination clinics and targeted health promotion programs in schools, churches, and community agencies. Prof. Neal routinely takes senior nursing students to the Jewish communities in Indianapolis, IN and Skokie, Il for a 2-week intercultural trip focusing on the religious and cultural traditions that affect nursing care given to patients in the Jewish culture.

Previous experience includes community work in the WESCO neighborhood of Indianapolis, where she was instrumental in creating and conducting a community assessment with over 300 respondents. Further work included a focus group with Hispanic mothers and targeted interviews with health and social service providers, culminating in a report to community leaders and stakeholders in the WESCO community.

Professor Neal has presented at Regional, State, and National conferences on areas related to public health assessment and Service Learning. She is active as a Fellow in IARCH (The Institute for Action Reseach in Community Health), a multi-disciplinary group focused on conducting Participatory Action Research in communities, housed at Indiana University School of Nursing at IUPUI in Indianapolis.

Prof. Neal acts as Lab Coordinator for the School of Nursing and has been responsible for the expansion of the technology utilized by faculty and students in the skills lab setting. Her efforts have led to the acquisition of a high-fidelity mannequin (SimMan 3G®), a Pyxis Medstation System®, and a computer lab expansion which significantly increased the number of computers available for student computing and faculty instruction.

Sarah Neal has been at Anderson University since 2000.

Contact Sarah:
Associate Professor of Nursing
B.S.N., B.S.W., Anderson University;
M.S.N., Indiana University
Fellow, Institute for Action Research in Community Health