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Alumni Info

“I have been able to secure a job and succeed in digital communications because of my English degree from AU. My professors helped me grow as a thinker and a communicator, and although I write for social media nowadays instead of literature term papers, I apply what I learned in those English classes every day. The principles of strong writing ring true from medium to medium, whether it’s a client blog post, a thesis-paper proposal on Thomas Hardy, or a timely Tweet.”
- Heike Baird BA ’10, Social Media Account Executive

Some Highlights

  • Six faculty members have been published in academic journals, anthologies, and popular magazines.
  • The department offers a writing major — something that is rarely found among smaller, Christian universities.
  • Dr. Kevin Radaker presents a dramatic portrayal of Henry David Thoreau and A Visit from C.S. Lewis throughout the United States.
  • The department sponsors annual creative writing contests and a student-staffed, semi-annual literary arts magazine.
  • In addition to teaching, our graduates have excelled in careers as varied as technical writing, freelance editing, journalism, law, ministry, public relations, book sales, cartooning and songwriting.

Unique Opportunities

Four faculty members have led Tri-S educational trips to England and other parts of Europe focusing on destinations of literary importance.

Graduate Schools

American University
Ball State University
Boston College
Bowling Green State University
Butler University
Harvard University
Indiana University
Kansas State University
Miami University (Ohio)
Penn State University
Purdue University
The Ohio State University
University of Idaho
University of Illinois
University of Miami (Florida)
University of Oxford (England)
University of Texas


Barnes and Noble
Borders Books
Eli Lilly and Company
Ernst and Young LLP
Howard W. Sams and Company
Macmillan Computer Publishing
Wiley Publishing
various school systems nationwide