Anderson, Indiana

Faculty & Staff

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Faculty & Staff

Rebecca Fuller Beeler
Associate Professor of Communication
Chair, Department of Communication Arts
M.P.A., Indiana University

Fine Arts 293
(765) 641-4337
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David Baird
Professor of Communication
Ph.D., Purdue University

Fine Arts 267D
(765) 641-4341
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Virginia Chapman
Professor of Speech
Director of Speech 1000
Ph.D., Indiana University

Fine Arts 266B
(765) 641-4343
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Jason Higgs
Assistant Professor of Visual Communication
B.F.A. in Visual Communication, Herron School of Art/Indiana University
M.F.A. in Graphic Design/Video/Animation, Ball State University

Fine Arts 267E
(765) 641-4323

Tai Lipan
Director of Wilson Galleries, Adjunct Professor
M.F.A., Western Carolina University

Fine Arts 249
(765) 641-4322
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James Morehead
Professor of Communication
M.A., Oklahoma State University

Fine Arts 267F
(765) 641-4342
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Myungsoo “Samantha” Yoo
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
B.A. in Studio Art (Painting), Hunter College
M.A. in Graphic Design, New York Institute of Technology

Fine Arts 266C
(765) 641-4326

Professionals in Residence

David Armstrong
Operations Director, Covenant Productions®
M.B.A., Anderson University

Broadcasting Center 105
(765) 641-4572
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Mark Dawson
Producer/Director, Covenant Productions®
B.A., Anderson University

Broadcasting Center 103
(765) 641-4345
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Kurt Wallace
Content Manager and Morning Show Host, WQME 98.7 FM

Broadcasting Center
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Norma Armogum
Director of Administrative Services

Broadcasting Center 101
(765) 641-3066
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Christie Franklin
Secretary/Office Assistant

Fine Arts 253
(765) 641-4340
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Becky Melson
WQME Office Assistant

Broadcasting Center 101
(765) 641-3070
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Jill O'Malia
WQME Sales Manager/Marketing Director

Broadcasting Center 301
(765) 641-4349
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Professor Emeritus

  • Arlon Bayliss
  • Don Boggs
  • Kathleen Dugan
  • Raymond Freer
  • Kevin Rudynski
  • Ken Ryden