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Vince Azzarello

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Alumni: Vince Azzarello

I knew since I was in high school that I wanted to be in some form of media. My personality always drew me towards radio. I have a very personal reaction to music, and I wanted to share good, quality Christian music with the world.

I visited many schools, and I had been to Anderson University on several occasions. I enjoyed the campus very much, but it was not until my “official” visit that I saw the amount of hands-on learning I would get in the Communication department. The only place where I could be on a commercial FM Christian radio station that reaches a major market (Indianapolis) as a freshman was AU.

I am certain that the experience I gained at AU could not be matched anywhere else. We had the freedom to be ourselves on-air, and the freedom to fail. I knew my mistakes would come (and they sure did!) but realizing how to fix those mistakes made me a better broadcaster. Dr. Don Boggs challenged each student to learn not only the mechanics of broadcasting, but also the law, ethics, and consequences of being naive in the industry. By the time graduation came around, I had been on-air at WQME for 4 years and a manager at WQME for 3 years. I was in charge of news, sports, and After Midnight, and I had directed a documentary that aired on the Indianapolis PBS TV affiliate. Not many 22 year-old college graduates have that kind of résumé.

I am currently the production director at Kheart 106.9 FM and KHRT 1320 AM, in Minot, N.D. I am responsible for all of the commercial content on-air for both of these stations. I write, produce, voice, and communicate with clients to make sure their ads are exceptional. I also have an on-air shift, where I usually discuss local and national news stories, relate funny personal stories, and connect with the listeners.

Ever since I hosted After Midnight at WQME, God has put on my heart a passion to reach young people with positive alternative Christian music. In July 2011, I began hosting my own show on Kheart called "The Alternative Takeover," which is aimed at the younger audience (middle school to college) and features hard rock, alternative, rap, and other unique Christian artists and genres. This was a huge milestone in my career. I built everything for the show from scratch, getting many of my ideas from my experience with After Midnight. I found my calling at WQME, and now I get to see it realized in The Alternative Takeover.

The hands-on experience I gained while attending AU made the difference in finding a job. Not only did Anderson University give me the tools and knowledge to succeed, but also the critical thinking skills and "radio marketing savvy" to accomplish what has been a major career goal in my life. This one goes out to Hoobie! (After Midnight mascot).

Vince Azzarello
BA 2008, Anderson University
Communication Arts major (broadcast production); information systems minor
Production director at Kheart in Minot, N.D.