Anderson, Indiana

Chris Wolfgang

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Alumni: Chris Wolfgang

I appreciated the business-like atmosphere I experienced at Anderson University. For me, it was a place to work, a place to reach goals, and accomplish things. Three extracurricular activities were important for my career development: Reporting and then co-editing for The Andersonian, recording news pieces for WQME, and interning at The Herald Bulletin. All of these added to my credibility when making the transition from college to pursuing a professional career.

Being a co-editor of The Andersonian went beyond the discipline of hitting deadlines and writing stories. It taught me the value of taking ownership of what I’m working on. My co-editor and I were the last people to see the paper before it hit campus. No prof, no committee. Did we present the work of our staff well? Did we faithfully represent those we interviewed? If we were careless, we heard about it. I strongly believe that experience is what landed me, a girl fresh out of college, a non-entry-level position at Wiley Publishing in Indianapolis.

I am a project editor (PE) at Wiley Publishing and have been with the company for five years now. The PE is the hub of the creation of a book, interacting directly with the author as she or he writes, discussing layout with the production team, assessing deadlines with acquisitions, and ensuring above all else that the title is delivered on time and at the target price point. I’m now the mentor of three employees learning the ropes of project editing.

Backed by the project management, editing, and writing skills developed at AU, I’ve been able to take a leadership role in the development of three new series for Wiley: one based on digital photography, one based on Apple products, and one based on a certain social networking site.

Contrary to what students may find at larger schools, you can get a hands-on education in whatever area you’re interested in at AU. You want to write? You can bring your own story ideas to the table. You want to run the university’s newspaper? You can make yourself a serious contender for that. You want to have some field experience before you graduate, before you join the job-searching throng? You can get internships where you’ll work at your trade and not fetch coffee.

Chris Wolfgang
BA 2006, Anderson University
Communication Arts major (journalism); Spanish minor
Project editor at Wiley Publishing in Indianapolis