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Graduate Profile

Mandy Rogers Horton
Artist and Professor

Graduated 1999
Majors: Psychology & General Studies in Art & Design

I graduated from Anderson University in 1999, with a double major in Psychology and General Studies in Art.

When I entered college, I knew that I enjoyed making things with my hands, but I had no idea what art was, how to think critically about art, or its role in society. At Anderson, I began to find answers to these questions. I found an encouraging community in which to explore widely, build technical and critical thinking skills, and get an introduction to the richness and significance of art. My relationships with professors and fellow students were challenging and pivotal. Still today, those experiences shape my art practice and my own teaching.

After graduating, my appetite for painting continued to grow, and I earned an MFA from American University, Washington D.C. in 2003. I have been an adjunct professor for ten years now at a variety of schools, including Belmont University, Lipscomb University and Middle Tennessee State University. Each summer I teach at a Christian art program for high school students called Masterpiece Ministries. I continue to make art, including drawing, painting and installations, and I exhibit regularly. Recently my work has been shown at the Du Mois Gallery in New Orleans, the Zephyr Gallery in Louisville, and the Twist Gallery in Nashville.

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