Anderson, Indiana

Courses of Study

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Art and Design

Visual Communication Design

Visual Communication Design (54 hours)

Foundations Sequence (Core)

All department majors follow a common sequence of foundation courses:

  • Semester 1
    Introduction to Drawing
    Two-Dimensional Design
    Visual Arts: Critical inquiry, Creativity, and Vocation
  • Semester 2
    Three-Dimensional Design
    Intermediate Drawing
    History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture in the Modern World
All departmental majors are required to maintain and present sketchbook/journals during their programs of study.


  • ARTH 3030 Contemporary Art & Design
  • ARTH 3010 Ancient to Medieval Art
  • ARTH 3020 Renaissance to Modern Art
  • ARTH 4800 Senior Practicum: Design
  • ARTS 3110 Visual Design Studio
  • ARTS 3114 Human Experience in Design
  • ARTS 3310 Typography Studio
  • ARTS 3420 Design Through Print Production
  • ARTS 4114 Design for Digital Media
  • ARTS 4310 Design for Print Media
  • ARTS 4420 Design Methodology
  • ARTS 4950 Comprehensive Projects