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Majors & Minor

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Art and Design

Majors & Minor


Visual Studies in Art+Design Minor (17 hours)

The Visual Studies in Art+Design Minor includes a sequence of six foundation courses. A portfolio review is not required for the minor; however, students wishing to pursue courses beyond those listed below must pass a foundations review.

Semester 1

  • ARTS2010 
Introduction to Drawing

  • ARTS2011 
Two-Dimensional Design
Visual Arts: Critical Inquiry, Creativity, and Vocation

Semester 2

  • ARTS2042 
Three-Dimensional Design

  • ARTS2060 
Intermediate Drawing

  • ARTH2100 
History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture in the Modern World

Program Sequence

1. The Foundations Program
We start at the beginning. The Foundations Program is a sequence of six courses geared to provide you with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of art and design, regardless of your experience level or major. It’s a time of discovery and challenge as you collaborate with fellow classmates to explore and expand your understanding of the visual world.

 At the completion of the six foundations classes, all students present their artwork for a Foundations Portfolio Review. The review ensures that you are prepared for the intermediate levels of study within the program. You are required to pass your review in order to continue with the courses for your major. 

Visit the Foundations Portfolio.

2. Intermediate Coursework and Advanced Portfolio Review
We want you to take ownership of your education; therefore, the intermediate studio courses are structured to give you the freedom and flexibility to select a variety of combinations. A second portfolio review takes place as you near the end of your intermediate courses. Like the Foundations Review, the Advanced Portfolio Review is a progress check to assess the development of your artwork. Passing this review allows you to begin your senior portfolio work.

Students working together in the printmaking studio.